Bug #1007

Upgrade disables VNC?

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8.4.2 install, first upgrade (via Service menu). After reboot, cannot VNC into box.

Nigels-MacBook-Air% telnet 5902
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host
Nigels-MacBook-Air% ssh ps -ef | grep vnc
nigel@'s password: 
root       853   837  0 06:55 ?        00:00:20 runsv vnc
root       881   837  0 06:55 ?        00:00:02 runsv xvnc
mythtv   14634   881  2 10:25 ?        00:00:00 x11vnc -forever -rfbport 5902 --passwd
Nigels-MacBook-Air% ssh "ls -l /var/log/vnc.log ; cat /var/log/vnc.log" 
nigel@'s password: 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 31 Jan 26 10:33 /var/log/vnc.log
su: user vncsvc does not exist

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Revision bbf5814e
Added by brfransen over 1 year ago

tigervnc: add .install to create vncsvc user

add vncsvc sudo rules. refs #1007


Updated by nigelpearson over 1 year ago

[nigel@mythtv-server tmp]$ egrep vnc /tmp/systemconfig_debug.log
01-26 06:52 - root - DEBUG - ('vnc', False)
01-26 06:52 - root - DEBUG - ('xvncenable', '')
01-26 06:52 - root - DEBUG - ('xvncpassword', '')
01-26 06:52 - root - DEBUG - ('vncenable', '')
01-26 06:52 - root - DEBUG - ('vncpassword', '')
[nigel@mythtv-server tmp]$

Of course, after re-enabling Screen Sharing under LinHES, access is restored, but a small fault in the upgrade engine?

Updated by brfransen over 1 year ago

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I think there might be 2 different issues here, 1 with xvnc and 1 with vnc. From the first command it looks like you were trying to use xvnc but the log file is for vnc. Which were you trying to do?

There was an issue with vnc and the user not being created and that has been fixed in testing.

I can't recreate systemconfig losing the vnc settings though. I did a R8.4.2 clean install, enabled vnc and xvnc in the install. Tested that it worked and then updated and both vnc and xvnc settings stayed the same. Did you enable vnc in the install or after install?

Updated by brfransen over 1 year ago

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