Alternate Window Managers

LinHES supports multiple window managers. The default window manager for LinHES R7.x is Fluxbox. The default window manager for LinHES R8 is enlightenment.
To configure LinHES with a different window manager use

Included in LinHES are preconfigured settings for enlightenment, Fluxbox and WindowMaker.
To install them run the command:
pacman -S alt_wm
When prompted for the group to install, press enter to install them all. WINDOWMANAGER STARTUP_STYLE

WINDOWMANAGER is the name of the window manager to use.

  • default R7.x will use fluxbox R8 will use enlightenment
  • fluxbox will use fluxbox with preconfigured settings
  • enlightenment will use enlightenment v16 with preconfigured settings
  • windowmaker will use wmaker with preconfigured settings
  • Any other value will be accepted, but there is no validation preformed to make sure it will work.


STARTUP_STYLE is an optional parameter. If no value is given in R7.x default is used, in R8 enhanced is used.
R8 has renamed the STARTUP_STYLE options to legacy and enhanced.
The major difference between the R7.x:default/R8:legacy and R7.x:Mythvantage/R8:enhanced STARTUP_STYLE is how MythTV and the window manager are started.

  • R7.x:default/R8:legacy the session depends on the window manager and if MythTV closes it will NOT restart by itself.
  • R7.x:Mythvantage/R8:enhanced the session depends on MythTV and it will continue to restart MythTV after it closes.
    When using the R7.x:Mythvantage/R8:enhanced STARTUP_STYLE it's possible to stop the MythTV loop by touch /tmp/nomfe.
    • The R7.x:Mythvantage/R8:enhanced STARTUP_STYLE introduces a new keyboard shortcut to open a terminal.
      • Pressing F3 will drop down a terminal that is persistent for the session.
      • Pressing F3 again will hide it.