Boot Settings

The following parameters can be passed onto the installer via kernel command line parameters.

Display settings

  • displayres:
    Try using this resolution for install. If the mode is invalid it will be rejected.
    example: displayres=1024x768
  • forceXvesa
    Force the use of the vesa framebuffer driver
  • vnc
    - Do not start X on the console, instead use vnc for the install. If no static ip has been given, then dhcp will be used to find a network address.

Network settings

  • cnetdev
    Set the network device to use.
    example: cnetdev=eth0
  • cip= set a static ip or use dhcp for network.
    example: cip=dhcp

    If DHCP is not used, then the following are required:
    - cnetmask - set the netmask
    - cgateway - set the default gateway
    - cdns - set a dns server
    example: cip=ip cnetmask= cgateway= cdns=

  • chostname – Set the hostname for the server
    example: chostname=Samplehostname

Remote control options

  • remote
    - Set the remote to use on install. remote=Streamzap
  • remoteport
    - If a serial port reciever is used, use this option to set the port. remoteport=ttyS0