LinHES R8.1 Release Notes

Special Notes

This release includes MythTV .27.
Because MythTV is not compatible with older versions, all installs should be updated at the same time.
If a system is not updated it will not be able to communicate with the other systems until after it is updated.


Upgrading should be as simple as running
sudo pacman -Syu
If it prompts to replace local-website with supplemental-web answer yes to the questions

Special upgrade notes:

  • For people with remote frontends or slave backends the order of upgrade matters. First upgrade the masterbackend then slave backends, finally remote frontends may be upgraded.
  • For systems running as a masterbackend the file /data/srv/httpd/htdocs/index.html must be removed prior to issuing pacman -Syu
  • It is NOT POSSIBLE to update to this release with versions older then R8.0. This applies for both updates by pacman and ISO.


  • MythTV 0.27/fixes
  • Removal of classic local website

New stuff

  • Xymon alerts will appear on the console as well via osd
  • New default LinHES Theme