Supplemental Web

  • Starting with R8, supplemental web is the default and does not need to be installed.

LinHES provides a set of packages that is intended to enhance the local website that runs on every MythTV master backend.
The supplemental site provides additional information and monitoring services for your MythTV cluster.
Some of the features include:

  • System monitoring via xymon, with clients auto added.
  • Ability to reboot/shutdown clients from a web interface.
  • Basic usage stats
  • Basic graph showing the cluster configuration.
  • Log file viewer

The extra services can only be installed on the master backend.
To install the server side component run (as root):

After the services are installed, the new website be be accessed via a browser using the url:

After the server is installed, the clients can then be installed by running.
sudo -m hostype

The server and client may be out of sync for a bit, but within 10-20 minutes they should sync up.