Bug #448

R6.00.08 ... reboot from main menu (m) ...

Added by martin1802 almost 15 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Priority:Normal Due date:12/31/1969
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Target version:7.3


Hi ...

Don't know how it is called that funnny little menue from manin menu ... pressing m ... shows a small popup menu with shutdon / reboot / version / cancel / exit ...

shutdown works but reoot does not do anything ...


Updated by GregFrost almost 15 years ago

reboot works for me.

Updated by jams almost 15 years ago

check the reboot settings in the myth settings. You probably need to add a sudo in front of the reboot command

Updated by martin1802 almost 15 years ago

yes that's it :-) works now with "sudo reboot" ...

maybe it has to be changed for setup / upgrade process?

THX jams

Updated by cecil almost 15 years ago

This does work out the box. Was this a slave or a remote frontend you were adding?

I found the same bug as Martin, no reboot from a 5.5 upgrade on my FE/MBE unit. Easy enough fix though.

Updated by GregFrost almost 15 years ago

what was in as the reboot command if it wasnt sudo reboot?

Updated by martin1802 almost 15 years ago

Hi Greg,

only 'reboot' inside ... my system is a FE/MBE upgraded from R5.5 to R6.00.08 done with ISO upgrade


Agree again with Martin. Same 'reboot' only, same upgrade type as well. Adding sudo was the fix.

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