Bug #503

Can't eject avi/mkv optical discs

Added by harveythedog almost 15 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Priority:Normal Due date:12/31/1969
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Target version:7.3


Both my recently updated 6.00.08 installs refuse to eject discs with avi, mkv type video files that are mounted to Mythvideo? They seem to mount OK and I can play the video files on them no problems (this is great, I have heaps of stuff on disc).

"Eject media" in the optical discs menu pops up a warning "Failed to eject:MY_DISC" (MY_DISC being the disc label).

If I unmount the disc myself (umount /dev/dvd) then I can eject the disc via "eject media" no problems.

This is occuring with CDROM and DVDRW drives (both IDE)

Playing and ejecting VCD's or DVD's functions correctly.

If there's any other info needed, just ask.



Updated by cecil almost 15 years ago

The problem stems from having both /dev/cdrom and /dev/dvd. Comment one and change the other to /dev/sr0.

Updated by cecil almost 15 years ago

sudo pacman -Sy filesystemThat should take care of it on installed systems. Fixed for new installs.

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