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Add SiliconDust HDHR as an I/R Receiver option

Added by aclose about 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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to get the SiliconDust HDHR I/R Receiver to talk to a FrontEnd, you need to execute the command:

mythtv@MythFrontend ~]$hdhomerun_config <HDHR_Device_ID> set /ir/target <FrontEnd_IP:5000> no_clear'
mythtv@MythFrontend ~]$

the HDHR's device ID can be found by executing the following command:

[mythtv@MythFrontend ~]$ hdhomerun_config discover
hdhomerun device 1011014D found at
[mythtv@MythFrontend ~]$

so in my case, i used the following to get my HDHR to talk to my FrontEnd:

[mythtv@MythFrontend ~]$ hdhomerun_config 1011014D set /ir/target no_clear
[mythtv@MythFrontend ~]$

if the above steps can't be easily scripted/executed behind the scenes, it would be worthwhile to mention these steps to the user, perhaps as the help text when Receiver is highlighted during setup/config.

now that the HDHR is pointing to the FrontEnd, we need to get lircd to accept input from the HDHR

this small block of logic should be added to /etc/sv/lircd/run:

# if using the SiliconDust_HDHR as an I/R Receiver if [ x$ReceiverType = "xSiliconDust_HDHR" ] then CMD="/usr/sbin/lircd -H udp -d 5000 -n" exec $CMD >>$LOG 2>>$LOG fi

the /etc/systemconfig will need to be updated during install or when 'Service Menu' -> 'LinHES Configuration' -> 'Remotes' -> Receiver is set to 'SiliconDust_HDHR'

'SiliconDust_HDHR' will need to be added to the Receiver dropdown menu that shows up during installation and when accessing Service Menu' -> 'LinHES Configuration' -> 'Remotes' -> Receiver

thank you

Associated revisions

Revision 338a4785
Added by jams about 14 years ago

runit-script: add logic for using SiliconDust_HDHR as receiver

For now this option will cause separate blasters/transmitters to stop working.

refs #622

Revision 18d3e283
Added by jams about 14 years ago

Linhes-config: mv_ir add support for hdhr. For now hardcodes the port to 5000 when setting the target for hdhr.
closes #622

Revision a1170877
Added by jams about 14 years ago

mythinstall: new mythvantage. This one adds additional hdhr support and fixes a problem where the default interface was being reset to ''
ref #622


Updated by aclose about 14 years ago

i'm playing with python in order to automate the detection of the HDHR and configure /etc/systemconfig ReceiverType=SiliconDust_HDHR
but if someone beats me to it i'm fine with that :)

Updated by jams about 14 years ago

Added SiliconDust_HDHR to selection menu.

Updated by jams about 14 years ago

  • Target version set to 6.03.00

Updated by jams about 14 years ago

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