Bug #677

mplayer-wrapper.pl needs a dependency: vdpauinfo

Added by Human over 14 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Package vdpauinfo is required by mplayer-wrapper.pl in order to check the user's system for vdpau capability when determining mplayer parameters. At the moment, vdpauinfo has to be installed by hand.


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I'm not intimately familiar with the script, but what if the user does not have a VDPAU-capable video card? Would an optional dependency on vdpauinfo be better?

Updated by Human over 14 years ago

The script depends on it, in that it makes a call to vdpauinfo (or will, once I update it). Unless it's a dependency of the package containing mplayer-wrapper.pl, then nobody will know to install it. It causes no harm for people who don't have vdpau-capable hardware.

Updated by mihanson over 14 years ago

Ok, no problem. Do you have an updated script I can add. Rather just update this once. :)

Updated by Human over 14 years ago

No update yet. I'm adding a feature to auto-crop old-style "widescreen" 4:3 videos, usually MPEG2. I'll push the new code to my github repo when done: http://github.com/Human/mythic.tv-contributed-code

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