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Advanced Format drives (4k sectors)

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I would like to be able to use a advanced format drive as a primary drive when installing LinHES in the Auto Install Mode. Right now in 6.3 even if the drive is partitioned correctly Auto Install will try to repartition and hang the install program. A current install right now uses MSDos as a partition table file system. From the little I have read the preferred partition table file system for a advance format drive is GPT.

I pulled this off of the Seagate site
all HDD manufacturers have agreed that all new desktop and notebook drives introduced after January 2011 will be 4K formatted drives

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Updated by graysky about 13 years ago

I gotta agree after switching all my drives over to GPT. Several things to note:

*grub cannot boot from GPT so if implemented, LH needs to use grub2 or burg.
*fdisk/cfdisk cannot read/write GPT so LH needs to use gdisk or parted.
*Windows (even the "latest and greatest" WIndows 7) cannot boot from a GPT formatted disk.

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So far what I have found out is that unless you have Bios that has been authored in the last 12 months you will not be able to boot off a advanced format drive.

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Addressing this issue might also resolve a problem I'm trying to debug where my (brand new) primary drive seems to need e2fsck run on it on nearly every reboot, even after normal shutdowns of 6.3. Smartdisk reports no errors, but it is advanced format, so I wonder if LinHES formatted it correctly during install (from a 6.3 install disk).

I'd also agree LinHES should move to GRUB2.

Finally, some sort of manual partitioning option during install would allow me to set up my system from the start as a RAID or with LVM or whatever else. I'd like to be able to set up the drive(s) however I like and then tell the LinHES installer to continue the auto-install on the root drive I specify.

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Sorta combining a bunch of requests into one ticket here.
With that said all of them will be looked at, but not for R7.

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