Bug #767

Error in Current Version of MythExport

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I followed the instructions here: [[http://www.linhes.org/bugs/projects/linhes/wiki/HOWTO_Setup_MythExport_for_iPod]]
to setup MythExport and I'm having a problem with the software as I describe in this forum post:

This looks very similar to this post:
Where it mentions that the problem was fixed in an updated version of MythExport.

I attempted to download and install an updated version of MythExport, but I'm not sure how to do that in Arch since MythExport is built to run on Debian. Can someone update the version in the package manager so I can just upgrade via pacman?

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m2vrequantiser: initial include. Ref #767


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Updated by jams over 12 years ago

updated pkg so that it pulls in perl-html-template.
webpage comes up now, but still give 500 errors.
As this is perl, someone else will need to figure out why.

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Made good progress on this the past couple days. It is working well on one system but am running into issues on another. Due to work, I'll be heading to Canada. I probably won't finish this up until after I return.

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sudo pacman -Sy mythexport
This should be all that is needed to get MythExport working. The manual steps in the wiki have been taken care of. Once installed, http://ip.of.backend/mythexport/setup.cgi to configure. If rss.cgi, file,cgi and stream.cgi don't work, this is most likely the result of upgrading from an older version of MySQL to a newer. This can be files with sudo mysql_upgrade followed by mysql -p mythconverg < /usr/share/mythtv/mythexport.sql

Please note as /myth/ipodfeed was for myth2ipod, MythExport uses /myth/mythexport.

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