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grub2 and manual parition

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I'd also agree LinHES should move to GRUB2.

Finally, some sort of manual partitioning option during install would allow me to set up my system from the start as a RAID or with LVM or whatever else. I'd like to be able to set up the drive(s) however I like and then tell the LinHES installer to continue the auto-install on the root drive I specify.

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Added by jams over 11 years ago

LinHES-config: change location of config for installs. The new location is /etc/install_layout

Fix bug with new installs, where backendIP was being set to 127.0.01 after restoring distro defaults. We still want defaults restored, but after restoring run hostype to set the backendserver ip again

refs #858
refs #790


Updated by jams over 11 years ago

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Grub2 is the default for R8.

For a manual install create a file /tmp/install_layout and also /etc/systemconfig.
systemconfig is used to determine whats installed. Go through the install and abort at the last step to have one created for you
install_layout is used to determine the install type, and what disk is used for installs. It's not well tested but it does work for simple cases

After those two files are created run systemconfig.py

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