Bug #830

Fluxbox should use the new standard for LinHES windowmanger startup.

Added by jams about 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:05/15/2012
Priority:Immediate Due date:
Assignee:jams % Done:


Category:Installation/Upgrade Spent time: 2.00 hours
Target version:7.3


Currently fluxbox is the odd man out and uses it's own startup path. This causes duplication of code and possible inconsistencies with shortcuts.

The main thing from a user point of view is that linhes shortcuts will no longer use fluxbox keys for hotkeys.
Main side effect is that fluxbox will not be used for any hotkeys, unless the user restores the fluxbox keys file.

Associated revisions

Revision 812505bd
Added by jams about 12 years ago

fluxbox: remove linhes specific hotkeys from global key file.
Also rename user defined fluxbox.keys for upgrades.

refs #830

Revision d11edcfd
Added by jams about 12 years ago

LinHES-system: make fluxbox use the updated startup path and not use it's own file.
refs #830


Updated by jams about 12 years ago

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