Feature #899

add infinitv support to autocard

Added by jams over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:01/23/2013
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Category:Other Spent time: 20.00 hours
Target version:8.0


Should handle multiple cards both pci and usb.
For pci each card will create a ctnX network device, and by default they will not be on the same network (192.168.20X.X).
USB tuners will create usbX network devices and do not share the same network as pci (192.168.18x.x)

Associated revisions

Revision 608387a0
Added by jams over 11 years ago

ceton_infinitv: new package that contains the drivers & udev rules both PCI and USB infinitv tuners.
Adding/removing a USB tuner will restart the userspace infinitv_usb program.

refs #899

Revision 879fd1c6
Added by jams over 11 years ago

libnl1: needed by ceton usb userspace program

refs #899

Revision 5fd9752d
Added by jams over 11 years ago

runit-scripts: add cetonproxy or bridge service. Added infinitv_usb service.

refs #899
refs #898

Revision 4c6b25b9
Added by jams over 11 years ago

LinHES-config: autocard.py and discover_infinitv.py Modifications to allow autocard to detect and setup both pci and usb based infinitv tuners. This will also setup the network configuration for the ctnX/usbX if the interface is found but not configured.

refs #899

Revision 5211b30f
Added by jams about 11 years ago

LinHES-config, supplimental-web: Fix proxy numbering for Ceton infiniTV

refs #899


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