LinHES: LinHES R7.3

Added by cecil over 6 years ago

The LinHES team and I are happy to announce the release of R7.3 (Crave). The changelog is up. To upgrade see this forum post.

LinHES: URL and domain name shuffle

Added by jams almost 8 years ago

During the recovery from the recent hardware failure, some services were moved to new locations.
The change made the rebuild easier and will make future administration easier

Below is a list of services and their URLS.

The domains and will be redirected to

We apologize for the inconvenienceā„¢

LinHES: Outage and a new home

Added by cecil about 7 years ago

Well, you are most likely aware we were offline for a little while. We experienced hardware failure... But thanks to jams, we are back up and running! Also, much thanks to liv2cod for allow us have a server in his data center! At the moment, is located there. is still up and running at OSUOSL. We plan to transition everything to Paxio and use a VM at OSUOSL to mirror the package repos.

LinHES: New packages in core and extra

Added by jams about 7 years ago

Several bugfixes and a couple features were moved from testing to release today.

Some of the changes include.
  • new nvidia driver
  • new cron
  • new mplayer
  • new mythtv
New features include:
  • [[Alternate_Window_Managers]]
  • [[Supplemental_web]]

Currently these features are considered stable but beta.

LinHES: LinHES R7.1 Released

Added by brfransen over 7 years ago

LinHES R7.1 has been released!

LinHES R7.1 features MythTV 0.24-fixes, Linux kernel, Xorg 1.9.2 and much more. Virtually, every package has been updated and recompiled since R6.04.00. Browse the changelog to see specific features and bugs that were addressed in R7.1. For more detail on all the changes in R7.1 browse the repository.

Along with the release or LinHES R7.1 many pages in the wiki have been added or updated. Take a look and if you have how-to, hint, or tip, please consider adding it to the wiki for the benefit of the community.

With LinHES R7.1, you'll find the finest Linux HTPC distribution is only getting better!

LinHES: R6 Repo Change

Added by brfransen over 7 years ago

The repo for R6 has been changed to:
Server =
Server =

This is in preparation for the release of R7. If you don't want to immediately upgrade to R7, change your /etc/pacman.conf.

The Myth packages have been upgraded for R6. This includes MythInstall which should resolve any Service Menu issues.

LinHES: New (1 comment)

Added by brfransen over 7 years ago

The new is now live.

The homepage is now integrated with our project tracker (Redmine) for easy access to the latest news, forums, wiki, code repository, and reporting bugs.

LinHES: LinHES R7.00.03 Beta Release

Added by brfransen over 7 years ago

LinHES R7.00.03 is available for download. R7.00.03 is a beta release before the final R7.01.00.

We worked out various issues with upgrading from earlier releases to R7.00.03 so doing an auto upgrade from the CD or via pacman should work (Backup First!). However, we'd ask you wait until the R7.01.00 release before upgrading your production systems. If you have the hardware to test upgrades or want to do a clean install, please give R7.00.03 a try. Please report any bugs you may encounter.

LinHES: PCS-2 External edition

Added by jams over 7 years ago

If your looking for a simple and clean way to power your HTPC on/off via your remote, I would give the PCS-2 some serious consideration.

The fine folks at SIMEREC let me preview the external edition of the PCS-2.
Gotta say they did a great job with it, I like it even more then the internal product.

The internal PCS-2 works very well. However the install involves a little bit of wire splicing, which can be a little off-putting.

The external edition removes the need for wire splicing and only requires 2 connections inside the case and one free PCI bracket.
From start to finish the product can be hooked up in as little as 2 minutes. As an added touch they included a power button with the external receiver.
For people that like to hide their htpc, this effectively give you the ability to relocate the power button to someplace within easy reach.

There is no firm release date yet for the external edition of the PCS-2, but I believe it is targeted to ship before the end of the year.

LinHES: Redmine update

Added by jams over 7 years ago

Redmine (the bugtracker) has been updated to 1.2
Once again lots of little bugfixes and performance enhancements.

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