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07:19 pm LinHES Bug #1033 (Closed): inconsistency LIRC Streamzap Foward Forward
Applied in changeset commit:f4b067feb8e6b4346cc3d5c68ec2d5000a256338.
05:44 pm LinHES Revision e337c650: mythtv & mythplugins: update to latest -fixes
05:43 pm LinHES Revision f4b067fe: system-templates: rename foward to forward. refs #1025. closes #1033


02:14 pm LinHES Bug #1031 (Feedback): MCE remote no longer works after update to 8.5.2
That device should work. R8.5.2 update does have a newer version of lirc.
Do you have a custom remote profile in h...


08:23 pm LinHES Bug #1031 (Feedback): MCE remote no longer works after update to 8.5.2
What is the device id shown in lsusb of your MCE remote. Which remote profile are you using in LinHES Settings > Remo...
08:14 pm LinHES Bug #1032 (Feedback): Schedules Direct cannot fetch lineup with new installation of 8.5.2
Which listings grabber are you using? If you run mythtv-setup from cmd line what did the log show?
I have tried th...


07:41 pm LinHES Support #1030 (Closed): DVD libraries outdated
Applied in changeset commit:736dbd2eadc1189248711c6ba4daab907708c772.


10:31 pm LinHES Revision 736dbd2e: libdvdnav: update to 6.0.0. closes #1030
10:29 pm LinHES Revision 99165c68: libdvdread: update to 6.0.0. refs #1030
10:26 pm LinHES Revision 774ab244: libdvdcss: update to 1.4.2. refs #1030

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