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02:47 pm LinHES Wiki edit: Remotes (#13)


05:04 pm LinHES Bug #1010 (Closed): LinHES Myth ThemeChooser requires unzip package for some themes.
Applied in changeset commit:06eeaf289ccab28090e8b5ca7c09030e82ee0f07.
03:18 pm LinHES Revision 06eeaf28: mythtv, mythplugins, mythweb: update to latest fixes


03:56 pm LinHES Revision e54fcad7: LinHES-system: convert timezone pulled from db to local
03:54 pm LinHES Revision 693eec0e: python-dateutil: initial inclusion. dep of LinHES-system:


05:15 pm LinHES Wiki edit: Wiki (#22)


05:53 pm LinHES Bug #967 (Closed): Please wait
No feedback from user, closing.
05:51 pm LinHES Bug #1003 (Closed): uses different backend connections for read and write operations
Can't recreate closing for now.
05:49 pm LinHES Bug #1006 (Closed): NVidia based HW will not install, LinHES 8.2 or later
05:49 pm LinHES Bug #1007 (New): Upgrade disables VNC?
I think there might be 2 different issues here, 1 with xvnc and 1 with vnc. From the first command it looks like you ...

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