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R8.6 Release Notes

LinHES R8.6 updates MythTV to 30-fixes as well as updates to the kernel, system libraries, graphics drivers and many other parts of LinHES.


From R8.5, R8.4 or R8.3

Upgrading from R8.5, R8.4 or R8.3 can be done as follows:
From xterm or ssh:
  • mythshutdown --lock
  • sudo sv stop mythbackend
  • sudo pacman -Syu Answer Yes to ALL questions.
  • Depending on which version (R8.5, R8.4, etc) you are upgrading from you may have the following conflicting files which need to be deleted.
    ONLY delete the files that pacman lists.
    DO NOT delete these before doing pacman -Syu first.

sudo rm /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
sudo rm /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
sudo pacman -Syu Answer Yes to ALL questions.

  • sudo reboot
  • mythtv-setup
  • You may be asked to update the database schema, select yes. If you are not asked to update the database schema check your mythbackend logs as the update was done when mythbackend started after rebooting.
  • In General > Host Address Backend Setup check that the Primary IP Address/DNS Name is set correctly. You may also want to disable Listen on All IP Addresses and then set your IPs. Exit and Save.
  • When exiting the General Settings you must Save as there are some new database settings that were added in MythTV 29 that are needed for mythbackend to run and mythfrontends to connect.

Alternatively you can use the ISO Upgrade method. After Upgrading via the ISO must also complete the mythtv-setup steps listed above.

From R8.0 or R8.1 or R8.2

Upgrading from R8.0 or R8.1 or R8.2 should be done using the ISO Upgrade method.

ISO Upgrade

Note that if you plan to burn the ISO to optical media you must use DVD as it is too large to fit on CD.

Download the ISO
Copy to USB or burn to DVD
Boot from USB/DVD
Select the boot drive
Select Install/Upgrade
Select Upgrade