Build a LinHES Package


  • Get the required development tools (gcc, make, fakeroot etc.):
    pacman -Sy base-devel


  • For example, using option 3, you can browse to find the package (lirc in this example) that you want and download and extract it and build it using:
    tar xvfz lirc-0.8.3-3.src.tar.gz 
    cd lirc 
  • This will build a binary package that you can then install using:
    pacman -U lirc-0.8.3-3.pkg.tar.gz
  • Make changes to the package and then build and install it. Once you are satisfied with the package, you can submit the changes via the LinHES Bug Tracker.


  • To find out what package a given file belongs to, you can use the command:
    pacman -Qo /path/to/the/file