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brfransen, 02/19/2015 06:16 am


  • Installation and setup are relatively trivial
  • Packages for MythTV
  • Major features aside from MythTV are preconfigured (SAMBA, sshd, x11vnc, webmin, lighttpd, lirc, etc.)
  • Comprehensive "Auto Upgrade" (along with backup scripts) makes upgrading a snap
  • Live Frontend allows users to run a frontend on any machine live from the CD
  • User support forums
  • Partial automation of Australian EPG setup
  • Native VDPAU support for both MythTV and mplayer
  • Native support for many popular SDTV/HDTV capture hardware
  • Native XBMC support
  • Native support for a large number of remote controls
  • Hulu desktop option