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brfransen, 10/27/2014 02:44 pm

R8.2 Release Notes

R8.2 brings updates to the kernel, system libraries, LinHES Theme, Service Menu options and MythTV 0.27.3.

Due to consolidating /bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin, to /usr/bin upgrading to R8.2 is a little more involved than the normal pacman -Syu. The update81-82.sh script will assist in updating LinHES.

From a xterm:
curl -o update81-82.sh http://cgit.linhes.org/linhes_pkgbuild/plain/abs/core/update81-82.sh?h=testing
sudo sh ./update81-82.sh

There is no backout plan or partial update, once started the upgrade needs to complete or the system may not boot correctly.
The largest stumbling block that will cause the update to fail are non-LinHES packages that have been installed. Please uninstall the non-LinHES, update to R8.2 and then reinstall the 3rd party packages.

If problems are encountered and the script quits before the update is complete its OK to run update81-82.sh multiple times.