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brfransen, 05/16/2016 12:37 pm


Many settings for your LinHES system can be accessed and changed in the Service Menu --> LinHES Configuration.
Settings for MythTV can be accessed and changed in the Service Menu --> MythTV Configuration.

Other Settings


LinHES uses osd_cat to display various system messages (shortcut keys, updates, backup, restore, screenshooter, etc) on the screen.

To change the default appearance settings of osd_cat:
  • Edit /etc/osd_cat.cfg to make osd_cat use a different color, outline, shadow or font


LinHES uses unclutter to hide the pointer to make the system more like an appliance. Unclutter can be toggled on and off by pressing ctrl+alt u.

To change the default settings of unclutter:
  • Edit /etc/unclutter.cfg to make unclutter either more or less aggressive in hiding the pointer
  • idle is the number of seconds between polls for idleness
  • jitter is the amount of movement of the pointer that is to be ignored and considered as random noise

MythVantage configuration
To avoid MythVantage erasing some custom setup, each module can be configured to not run.

If /etc/sysconfig/INGORE_X is present, the entire X configuration will be skipped.

/etc/mythvantage.cfg controls which module will be skipped.
True will allow systemconfig to run that module
False will skip the module

misc = True
sleep = True
hostype = True
advanced = True
audio = True
network = True
xorg = True
webuser = True
restartfe = True
reloadfe = True
ddns = True
screensaver = True
ir = True
user = True
software = True
smolt = True