Bug #1013

xymon scripts that query /dev/disk/by-id look at the wrong disks when a raid disk is present

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the xymon-smart.sh and xymon-hddtmp.sh scripts have the following like the query disks:

ls /dev/disk/by-id/* | grep ve '-part' -ve '/wwn' |

the line should be the following to remove the mdadm raid devices:

ls /dev/disk/by-id/* | grep ve '-part' -ve '/wwn' ve '/md' |

In addition an the disks being used in mdadm raid are not going to to be listed in the subsequent mount query thus
an addition check should be added to agaist the /proc/mdstat for the mounted raid disk

#check if device is directly mounted
if ! mount | grep -q /dev/$DISKDEV
then # check if device is mounted by mdadm
if ! cat /proc/mdstat | grep -q $DISKDEV

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Duplicate of #1012

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