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Stopping Chrome

Added by jastreet 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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The latest update of Chrome seems to no longer respond to cntrl-w (stop) on my remote. When pressed I get a pop-up to press Alt-f (or some key, I forgot) + x to stop chrome. After pressing that key combo, the front end does a complete restart. I prefered the previous control-w, anyway to bring that back?

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Revision 0a4d5cec
Added by brfransen 9 months ago

system-templates: wol remotes: update close keypress for chrome depreciating ctrl-shift-q. closes #1028


Updated by brfransen 9 months ago

Chome depreciated Ctrl+Shift+q which LH used in wol-lircrc. Ctrl+Shift+w and Ctrl+w still work for me. Double check you lircrc files to make sure they are not using Ctrl+Shift+q.

Alt+f is LH defined to restart the frontend.

Updated by jastreet 9 months ago

You are correct, it appears I need to reinstall my lircrc files. Thanks for the tip.

Updated by brfransen 9 months ago

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