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alt+m can launch multiple frontends

Added by Human about 15 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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/home/mythtv/.fluxbox/keys has a line that just runs mythfrontend directly. It should probably use a launcher script so that multiple frontends can't be run on the same hardware and display. (It is potentially useful to run two frontends on the same hardware, if they are displayed on different displays.)

mythfrontend-start (655 Bytes) admin, 02/10/2010 06:01 pm

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Revision b92d6824
Added by jams over 14 years ago

mythinstall: new mythvantage
Add -q
removed menupopup after upgrade
set default hostname if ""

refs #389 #665
closes #454

Revision 67d597ee
Added by jams over 14 years ago

fluxbox: change keys so that mythfrontend-start is run instead of calling mfe directly

refs #389

Revision 4787fdbe
Added by jams over 14 years ago

linhes-system: add script mythfrontend-start
This is a slightly modified version from the one provided in the ticket.
This version will call mythvantage -q "$question" and depending on the answer will
either start a new mfe or quit.

closes #389


Updated by GregFrost almost 15 years ago

I have often run two frontends on one display. I might want to leave one frontend in the create dvd progress screen and another watching a recording. I can flip to see how the dvd burn is going simply by alt-tab'ing between the frontends. There may be many other use cases where you might want to do this.

Updated by Human almost 15 years ago

That's valid, but given that it's possible to unintentionally launch multiple frontends without significant feedback, I'd feel better if there were a dialog that would confirm that the user wants to run two frontends at the same time. I wouldn't want to take away your ability to do this, but I also don't want people doing this accidentally.

Your usage also suggests another angle on this: If there were a way to auto-suggest launching a second frontend when a user is about to start (or just started) a lengthy process, that would help avoid bottlenecks among users who don't know they can launch another frontend.

Updated by GregFrost almost 15 years ago

Good idea. Something like "There [are already n frontends|is already a frontend] running. Do you really want to start another one? Start Another Frontend/No"

Updated by brfransen over 14 years ago

Attached is a script that will display an xmessage window if more than 1 mythfrontend PID if found. Maybe when MythVantage is ready for .22+ we can use that for the GUI so that it would work with the users remote control and nicer looking.

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