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local website layout and ordering

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The "local website" (http://yourlinhesbox) has grown over the years and could use an update along two lines:

1) Item Ordering
2) Theme/layout

I would advocate separating the links into these categories:
1) MythTV Utils (MythWeb, ipod feed, xvid feed, fuppes, mediasrv, radio, virtual remote)
2) MythTV/System Info (MythTV docs, LinHES info, RRDTool, keybindings)
3) Other (Folding Status, My Folding@Home)

The naming and ordering of the categories is obviously subjective. If anyone has counter-proposals, please post them.

As far as layout, I have nothing specific in mind, but there was an effort years ago to use the same CSS as MythWeb to keep continuity with it. Someone with some CSS experience could probably come up with better ideas than me.

index.html (6.4 kB) admin, 02/10/2010 12:28 pm

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related to LinHES - Bug #17: local-website Closed 01/10/2011

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Revision 7cc5e96b
Added by jams over 14 years ago

local-website: reworked localwebsite.
add 404.html
uses css from default theme from mythweb
- added links

closes #616 #485

ref #17


Updated by brfransen over 14 years ago

No CSS experience here but I hacked this together to be similar to the MythWeb welcome page using one of the light background MythWeb skins because Tux in the LinHES logo disappears with dark backgrounds. I also added the links mentioned in [[http://knoppmyth.net/flyspray/index.php?do=details&task_id=616|FS #616]].

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Used a modified version of the attached index.html

thanks brfransen

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