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replace /sbin/shutdown with the official Arch version

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I noticed that the version of /sbin/shutdown that comes with R6 has been modified to force a user to include the -t switch for any timed operation. This is annoying because it switches the default time from minutes (easy to do in your head) to seconds (not so easy to do in your head). For example, I want to shutdown in 2 h.

LinHES shutdown: # shutdown -h -t 7200

Arch shutdown: # shutdown -h 120


shutdown.script.diff (512 Bytes) admin, 03/08/2010 04:41 pm


Updated by graysky over 14 years ago

Just noticed that the -F flag to force an fsck on reboot doesn't work with the LinHES version of shutdown either. Can you enable it as well?

Updated by brfransen over 14 years ago

The -t flag also breaks apcupsd unless /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol is modified with the -t flag.

Updated by mihanson about 14 years ago

@Britney: I just want to confirm you're talking about lines 103 and 107?

Updated by brfransen about 14 years ago

Michael, yes I am talking about lines 103 & 107 in apccontrol.

In talking with jams in IRC the official arch version of shutdown can't be used in LinHES because it doesn't work with runit. Attached is a patch for the shutdown.script that removes the requirement for the -t flag. If there is no -t flag it will assume no delay. This will eliminate the need to modify apccontrol or any other utility that expects to be run with the -t flag.

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