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Add locale selection screen

Added by jams over 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:12/18/2010
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Category:Installation/Upgrade Spent time: 4.00 hours
Target version:8.0


Add locale selection screen

Will try to get the most common, but if you have a specific one please add the request to this ticket.

Related issues

related to LinHES - Feature #680: language selection on install -> select keyboard layout Closed 04/04/2010

Associated revisions

Revision c6127b66
Added by jams over 11 years ago

LinHES-config: add support for selecting the lang/country during install.
The lang is then translated to a locale which is then applied to the system by mv_locale.

The lang->locale lookup is done inside mv_locale with a static dict.

refs #738
refs #100
refs #680

Revision 63ea9c28
Added by jams over 11 years ago

mythinstall: new build that includes displaying the lang screen..and also writes out the language var to /etc/systemconfig

refs #738
refs #100
refs #680

Revision 8c854f27
Added by jams over 11 years ago

LinHES-config: use all lowercase when looking up the locale in the language map.

refs #738
refs #100
refs #680


Updated by martin1802 almost 13 years ago

add de_DE local for germany ... UTF8

setting keyboard in console (ttySx) and X ... maybe possible to select different keyboard models like pc104, pc105 /w or /wo numkeyoard?

Updated by jams over 11 years ago

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  • Target version set to 8.0

Added the mythtv country/lang selection screen.
The selected lang is then translated into a locale for the system.

Keyboard setup will still be a manual process

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