Feature #943

warn user when system_backup hasn't been run for a while

Added by brfransen over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Target version:8.1


warning on-screen as well as myth_status.py. I am thinking the threshold should be 3-5 days before a warning is triggered.

Related issues

related to LinHES - Feature #945: Tighter xymon integration with LinHES Closed 11/27/2013

Associated revisions

Revision c686ac72
Added by jams over 7 years ago

xymon-server: hook up xymon alerts to the osd.
System will push out alerts via func to all hosts for any red conditions excluding the ping test.
Test must be red for 4hours with repeat notifications every 12 hours

refs #943

Revision 653c9fdd
Added by jams over 7 years ago

xymon-server: ignore /cdrom /mnt /media for disk checks.
Modify hbnotes.py so that it adds hosts to analysis.cfg. This is needed to define the proper checks per host type.

refs #943

Revision 82e79deb
Added by jams over 7 years ago

LinHES-system: myth_status.py Add in the ability to pick up system alerts which are generated by xymon.
The program will look for files placed in /home/xymon/var/login_notify and parse as needed.
Files are generated by xymon by the file login_notify.py which is called via alerts.cfg

Also myth_status got a bit of rearranging. Now the tuner & recording status info is in a class.

refs #943
refs #945

Revision 83df5fbd
Added by jams over 7 years ago

xymon: add login_notify.sh. This will write out and remove alert files to be parsed by myth_status

refs #943
refs #945

Revision 78e5c0eb
Added by brfransen over 7 years ago

LinHES-system: myth_status.py: add support for color levels. refs #943 #945

remove diskspace.cron as xymon now monitors and notifies disk levels


Updated by brfransen over 7 years ago

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